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Solitude Isle

Our latest map, the first for Rust Prefabs, is a small map perfect for Solo and Small Group servers.

More about Solitude Isle

Hello there...!

We've been creating custom maps & monuments for Rust since late 2019 - mainly for use on our own servers, such as those featured on Friend Not Foe.

These maps & monuments are now available for purchase exclusively on CodeFling. Feel free to join the discussion if you have a comment or question.

Our latest monuments

Hey, we're on CodeFling!

All of our custom Rust monuments are available exclusively on CodeFling - check them out for more information and prices.

Mining Outpost collection

We took the humble Mining Outpost and made three unique scenes for use in your custom Rust map - each one is different but has useful utilities to help players, or hinder them if they stay too long.

Custom Rust maps

As well as creating custom Rust monuments for use on your maps, we've been building custom maps of our own. These are available exclusively from CodeFling.
Freedom Island - 2750 metres
Backwoods Isle - 2750 metres
Solitude Isle - 2750 metres
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